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 QAX 12-60 
Durability • Is extremely sturdy and robust in order to withstand rough handling, typical of construction sites. • Is produced from Zincor steel with a powder coat finish. • A standard sealed spillage-free frame, which will ensure that all fluids can be retained within the frame, eliminates spillage problems. Efficiency • Increased up-time: carefully selected components and tested configuration. • Reduced cost of ownership: 500 hrs service intervals.'
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 QAS 125-500 
QAS generators have been developed to produce clean, stable and surge free electricity suitable for use with all types of equipment. Of equal importance, Atlas Copco has developed QAS models so they can develop this power in harsh conditions. This ensures a QAS generator will always be the right choice, regardless of application or location.'
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 QAS 14-100 
A complete range comprising the QAS 14, QAS 20, QAS 30, QAS 40 models. The QAS range is powered by the Kubota engines and are equipped with Stamford alternators. A wide range of available options allow you to customize your QAS generator according to your needs.'
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 QAC 800-1000-1250 
The basic package of our QAC comprises: • Variable Speed Drive electric motor cooling fans • Electric refuelling pump for internal fuel tank • External fuel tank connections • Automatic oil make up system • Manual oil drain pump • Fully sealed integral bunded frame • Spilt liquid drain pump • Qc4002™ + PMS control • Integrated spark arrestors • Air inlet shut off valve • Battery charger • Coolant heater • Anti condensation heater • Earth leakage relay'
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