Oriental Trading Co.Ltd.

 Distillation and Absorption 
With the largest offer of distillation components and internals we provide you with the most efficient separation process, allowing you to remain competitive and access new levels of product quality. We are excellent in developing process concepts into installed plants, with guaranteed performance.'
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 Structured Packings 
Structured packing is one of our core abilities. Over 50 years of experience in development, design, and production of this type of packing makes us your best partner to find the optimum solution for your application.'
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 Random Packings 
Our extensive portfolio offers traditional and high-performance random packings, including Nutter Rings™, I-Rings™, C-Rings™, P-Rings™ and R-Rings™. This makes us a one-stop solution provider for all your column and separator internals.'
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 Column Internals 
Decades of experience in design and construction, combined with continuous developments in separation technology, enable us to offer you optimum internals. Tailor-made gas and liquid distribution, transition sections, inlet and flashing devices guarantee optimum column performance.'
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 Conventional Trays 
Whatever your requirements, we have the right tray. Thanks to our global expertise and wide array of conventional and high performance tray technologies, we can provide you with an optimum solution.'
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 High Performance Trays 
Sulzer currently offers a comprehensive range of high performance trays, including high performance chordal downcomer, multi-downcomer and the latest developments of ultra-system limit trays.'
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