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 AC 40/2 (L)
■All Terrain Cranes are configurable in many different ways. ■Additional to the main boom cranes are extendable with folding swing-away jib (with SL), Light fixed jib (with offset section and SL Strong fixed jib (with offset section and SL), (Strong) Luffing fly jib (optimized for lifting capacity), Luffing fly jib (optimized for lifting capacity, with offset section and SL) and Runner. ■Optimal rust protection through painting each component separately and aluminium covering ensures a long l...'
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 Rough Terrain Cranes - RC 30
Terex Rough Terrain cranes boast three steering modes, compact and rugged design, boom telescoping even under load, comfortable and ergonomic cab with intuitive and easy controls. These characteristics make Terex rough terrain cranes versatile, easy to use and ready to work for long hours, minimizing the fatigue of the operator. The powershift transmission, with six speeds forward and reward and the four wheel drives allows to reach the place of operation even on very difficult terrains. Incl...'
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 ROADMASTER 5300 100t
The new Terex (r) Roadmaster Truck Mounted crane combines a state-of-the-art Terex (r) telescopic crane with a commercial truck. The perfect solution when the full off-road capability of an All Terrain crane is not a necessity, the Truck Mounted Roadmaster is a cost effective solution designed for frequent and long distance travel to ensure that you get the job done efficiently and rapidly. Versatile and easy to operate as a one-man crane, this new model is simple to service using easily availab...'
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 CTT 181B1-8 TS21
Flat top tower cranes don’t have the “tops” of conventional cranes; they can be used in conjunction with other tower cranes at sites where space is confined or near the airports. A working crane is a profitable crane, and Terex® tower cranes are built to work. They’re well suited for heavy lifting and placement duties on the most challenging jobsites. And they can also help you save time on other jobsite duties by easily moving materials from one area to another. From the efficient setu...'
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