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Oriental Trading Company has made significant contributions to the local industry by introducing several new technologies, processes, applications, and ideas ensuring growth to its customers, partners, and the country. OTC has also made substantial investments in the country by continuously improving customer facilities, increasing manpower, diversifying product range, and raising stock levels.
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Chemical Division

We specialize in a wide range of chemicals including industrial, water treatment, dosing system, and process chemicals. We have the complete range of activated carbon and supply all types of Silica Gel. OTC is the leading supplier of sour gas treating chemicals which includes MDEA, Activated MDEA, MEA, DEA, and Sulfolane.We provide our customers with most extensive range of chemicals for industrial and other purposes.

Gas Treating Solvent

  1. Amines- MEA, DEA, TEA & MDEA
  2. Sulfolane
  3. Activated MDEA
  4. Genosorb

Industrial Chemicals 

  1. Glycols
  2. Phosphates
  3. Carbonates
  4. Nitrites
  5. Calcium Hypochlorite
  6. Solvents
  7. Absorbents: Silica Gel,
  8. Activated Alumina
  9. 8.Activated Carbon

Water Treatment 

  1. Chemicals
  2. Corrosion Inhibitors
  3. Scale Inhibitors.
  4. Micro biocides.
  5. AntiScalants.
  6. Flocculants.
  7. Antifoams.
  8. Oxygen Scavenger.
  9. Auto Dosing System
  10. Resins